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Family Membership

A family membership shall be a husband,wife, and all unmarried children 18 years of age and under (as determined by AQHA standards). This type of membership has one vote. One adult member of the family is eligible to hold office. Youth is excluded from this membership upon termination of eligibility for youth competition and/or at the time of marriage. Youth is excluded from voting with this membership. Fee for this membership is $30.00 per year.


Individual Membership

An individual membership will allow the person to hold office and have one vote. Excluded from holding office in the parent organization and voting will be a youth who is 18 years and under. To be considered an SWQHA member, an individual 19 years and over must have an Individual, Life, Ranch, syndicate, etc. or Family membership. Fee is $25.00 per year.


Life Membership

A life membership may be carried in one name and/or in a family name. If the life membership is listed in an individual name, it will have the same provision as an individual membership. A life family membership will have the same requirements as a regular family membership. With all life memberships there will be one vote and one member of family eligible to hold office. A one-time fee of $150 will be required.

Partnership, Syndicate, Corporation, or Farm/Ranch – This special membership will allow one designated exhibitor to show, will have one vote and one person may hold office. Youth are excluded from holding office and voting. Fee will be $30 per year.


Honorary Life Membership

This membership will be granted by the SWQHA Board of Directors to those individuals who should be recognized for their efforts to SWQHA. This person will not pay dues and will have a vote. Annual dues become due January 1. Membership dues must be paid with a separate check, not to include any other fees.

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